4 Classic Yet Fashionable T-Shirt Essentials for Men

14 Mar, 2013

Just like a pair of jeans, some simple t-shirts are necessary items in any guy’s wardrobe. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, you can always rely on this humble garment. Fads for t-shirts keep changing too. Some might be classics whereas other styles may be more transient and change every now or then. Few fashionable styles, timeless or trendy, which should be a part of your current wardrobe include:


Polo T-Shirt

Earlier, these t-shirts were solely worn by golfers. However, polo t-shirts became immensely popular after they were promoted successfully by brands such as Lacoste and Ralph Lauren. Nowadays, every guy owns or must have this versatile t-shirt. Polo t-shirts look great with white trousers or linen pants in the summer. Opt for multi-striped ones from Lacoste, which are available in bright shades.

Polo by Ralph Lauren Polo TShirt

Graphic Tee

Go crazy with t-shirts having stylish pictures, which could range from your favourite rock artist, abstract graphics or naughty expressions, etc. Premium labels such as Balmain, Just Cavalli and Dolce&Gabbana have a diverse collection of graphic t-shirts that are ideal for a night out when worn with jeans or corduroy pants. Don a casual blazer if you wish to make a funky statement. Men can obtain this sort of t-shirt for less via online luxury boutiques that offer them at reduced prices.

Balmain T-Shirt


Sporty T-Shirt

While wearing your favourite player’s jersey is a complete no-no even on Fridays at work, you can still display your love for the sport by choosing a t-shirt which has the team logo, be it football, basketball, etc. Youth brands including Affliction, Dsquared, etc. are popular for such tees, which can be teamed with slim-fitting denims and hip sneakers.

Dsquared T-Shirt


Nautical T-Shirt

A favourite amongst men right from England to Europe, this t-shirt effortlessly fuses fashion with function. Wear a nautical t-shirt if you are lazing around on a yacht with friends or down at the docks. They work well for all body types so even if you are not in perfect shape, the typical horizontal stripes will flatter your silhouette. Full-sleeved nautical t-shirts from Ralph Lauren are made from light-weight cotton. Choose from black and white or blue and white horizontal stripes.

Dsquared Longsleeve

Lay on your hands on these fashionable premium t-shirts right now. You could even buy designer clothing online by logging onto the brand’s web-based stores.

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