Celebrities & Their Luxurious Handbags That All Women Would Surely Love To Own!

07 Nov, 2013

What happens if a woman spots Beyoncé, Anne Hathaway or the first lady of America carrying an attractive handbag on the cover of a fashion magazine, or while flipping pages of a tabloid? Considering the fairer sex’s fixation for bags and purses, her eyes are set on it and she can’t wait to get one for herself.

LuxeButik lists some more celebrities and their eye-catching arm candy. Moreover, we also offer the ladies similar options of the same premium brands, available at our online store:

Reese Witherspoon Goes Grocery Shopping With A Fendi Bag

Reese Witherspoon with Fendi Designer Bag

Reese Witherspoon with Fendi Designer Bag

The Legally Blonde star was spotted picking out some daily supplies at a Los Angeles store. She looked lovely in an orange knee-length dress and the Fendi brown leather tote complimented her outfit wonderfully.

LuxeButik has a linen option in a similar shape which is easy to carry around. This Fendi tote features black and brown vertical stripes with red piping on the edges. The black-brown combination is ideal since it’ll go well with most of your dresses.

Gucci Lovers Rock Some Cool Handbags

Amy Adams with Gucci Designer Bag

Amy Adams with a Gucci Crème Shoulder Bag (Check similar design in red)

From the time Gucci was established, the Italian label’s leather bags have been sported by many a star! American actress and singer Amy Adams was seen carrying a Gucci crème over-sized shoulder bag with a hanging leather tassel. Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, who’s now a paparazzi favourite, displayed her sophisticated taste in fashion with a classic black medium shoulder bag from the famous Gucci 1970 collection.

Instead of conventional crème and black, we have a bright red Gucci shoulder bag available in 2 sizes. These leather bags have the iconic double ‘G’ logo on the front and red dangling tassels which add a dash of flair.

When Victoria Beckham Carried Burberry

Victoria Beckham with Burberry Bag

Victoria Beckham with Burberry Bag (a similar bag at LuxeButik)

If Posh Spice flaunts it, the handbag becomes a must-have. The fashion designer has been seen with unique Burberry bags right from a black manor bag, to the iconic check pattern. British label Burberry has been around since more than a century and continues to do what it’s best known for; creating elegant designs that last a lifetime.

You can obtain the classy Burberry tartan handbag from LuxeButik at discounted prices. This medium size bag is ideal for formal wear.

Now you can also flaunt these chic designer bags carried by your favourite celebs. Make sure you team it with the right outfit for wowing the world at appropriate occasions.

Image Source: Purseblog.com, ihandbagpros.co, luxury4time.com

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