Complete Guide to Choose Beachwear for Skinny People

08 Aug, 2014

We know what slim people should wear to work, on a date or a night out with friends. But beachwear for lean boys and girls is seldom discussed. Hitting the beach in an old pair of shorts or a conventional bikini that does nothing to flatter your frame is not cool. LuxeButik presents some tips that will help you add curves in the right spots and make the most of your slim silhouette.

First up are clothes for the beach


Girls should go for bikini tops or swimming costumes with padding to obtain a rounder look. Tops with triangular cups and under wire are also effective in giving a fuller appearance, plus they offer support too. When the upper half of the body is shaped well, the entire figure gets enhanced. Pick horizontal stripes which makes the bosom look fuller. Never choose vertical ones as they’ll create the opposite effect.

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Guys who are on the lean side should pick swimming trunks which are not very tight. The best way is to try on some and then select a baggy or loose-fitting style. You can wear a nice linen shirt to cover your upper body. Instead of wearing plain shades, opt for patterns since they add bulk.

As far as colours are concerned, stay away from black as the hue can make you appear thinner than you are. Brighter colours look fantastic and divert attention from the silhouette. Keep in mind that beachwear sizes may not be necessarily the same as your clothing. So make sure you try swimsuits in different sizes and styles to find one that looks perfect.

Invest in some Accessories

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Beachwear is not just about bikinis and trunks. Skinny people can wear some trendy accessories to glam up their outfits. Classy sunglasses and hats are two absolute must-haves when you hit the beach. Not only do they immediately draw attention to the face but also protect you from the sunrays. Women can carry tote bags in bright shades and wear jewellery such as earrings or necklaces made of natural stones.

The most important tip: No matter what your body shape is, walk tall with a perfect posture and always smile. When you are happy it shows on your face and that completely changes your persona. The next time lean people need to dress up for the beach, they know exactly what to wear and look their best!

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