Designer Clothes Basics

29 Jun, 2012

Designer clothes convey exclusivity and make a fashion statement in addition to making a person stand out in the clutter. People wearing designer clothes; be at a social do or for a quick after-work drink at a bar, surely reflect their taste for fashion and confidence. Trendy designer clothes offer numerous benefits. Designer clothing boosts one’s sense of satisfaction, which brings with it enthusiasm and uplifted mood among the crowd. You have to wear it to feel it! Due to their better finish and make, designer clothes often last long. Adherence to contemporary fashion and sophisticated cutting, adds an extra edge to designer clothes over other outfits.

Men’s Designer Clothes Basics

These days, all men desire for their singular fashion statement and needless to mention, most men are inclined to wear designer clothes irrespective of what kind of garment they don – be it casual wear, a suit or even a formal attire. Versatility in men’s designer clothes has quite increased over the past few years; men’s fashion these days embraces a broad spectrum of clothes and accessories – right from a suit. to a tie to underwear.
There are several designers and brands to choose from, and if you are looking for a unique tailor fit, you can approach a creator of your preference and get it made for you, however keep in mind such tailored-fit clothing may be a little too expensive.  Designer clothing for men is more popular in the fashion world for special occasions.  As stated above, it’s true that most of us long for designer clothing that is exclusive and unique, yet sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where budgets are a bit tight. In such a case, you should have these basic designer clothes in your wardrobe.

Formal Shirts

A button-down plain white shirt is the most important basic among men’s designer clothes and can be sported well with trousers, jeans and suit. It can also compliment a variety of ties and can come to your rescue for several occasions, when no other options are available. Like plain white, checks and solids with mild stripes or neutral shades also look stylish and elegant.

Dolce & Gabbana White Shirt


Denims of the Right Fit

One of the essentials among men’s designer clothes, a pair of straight cut plain jeans paired with either a shirt or a polo t-shirt makes one of the most common yet popular combinations in the men’s fashion world. However one should be careful about the fitting. If you are working professional, distressed, ripped or baggy jeans are a strict no-no!



A pair of grey or black slacks can be worn with almost any kind of shirt, provided your shirt can be tucked in comfortably. Dark colors also go well with shirts, just ensure that you don’t wear too tight slacks.



Suits form the most important part of men’s designer clothes for business. A solid colored, two buttoned suit in a shade of dark black, brown, grey or navy blue makes a classy ensemble.

Calvin Klein Suit

Apart from the above, classic ties, polo shirts, V-neck sweaters, shoes and belts are also important men’s designer clothes basics.

Like men’s designer clothes, women’s designer clothes may also sometimes create a hole in your wallet and it may become difficult to afford them. To address this concern, online fashion websites like luxebutik have a huge collection of both men’s and women’s designer clothes at huge discounted prices. Online fashion websites like ours have secured the rights to sell garments online so that you can realize your dream of owning designer clothes at affordable prices.



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