Designer Clothes for Men and Women

24 Mar, 2012

So it’s that time of the year when you’re looking for what’s ruling in men’s and women’s designer clothes this season? Let’s take a look at a few designer clothes and patterns for men and women that have already created a buzz this season. Some of the designer clothes listed below have been a rage since a few years and still continue to be so.Wide Leg Womens Pant

Women’s Designer Clothes

The Wide Leg Pant

When designer clothes such as lined pairs or heavy wool outfits do not suit the heat, denim or wide leg pants made out of light fabric can surely help adapt to the spring. Dark pants can be lightened up for coming warmer weather. Simply pair them with light hues on the top. And yes, prefer sandals or wedges to your boots. You have got different styles to choose from among wide leg pants. You may want to pick from wide-leg trousers, wide-leg jeans or palazzo pants. Women’s designer clothes should reflect sophistication and snugness and sharpness with high or mid waist. These look complete for masculine-inspired appearance, be it vintage or modern. Jeans that are wide legged from the thighs all the way down can easily pass for a baggy. In 2011, moderately wide leg jeans, more fit on the thighs were preferred more among women’s designer clothes. While wide leg trousers are more befitting, be it at the office or bar, palazzo jeans would serve you the best if you’re simply relaxing at a lounge or on a yacht.

The Tuxedo – A Dazzling Comeback in Women’s Designer Clothes

The best option to choose from women’s designer clothes for after hours, tuxedos in cream or white hues are an a must have item in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Women’s designer clothes have  acquired a new classy image in form of women’s tuxedo. Women’s tuxedos have made the gender divide vanish since a few years. Few label it as a sophisticated fashion, whilst others term it as an option for an evening gown. This ensemble has now turned into a finest women’s wear and a wardrobe fundamental. Choose wide legged, waist-high pants and keep the blouse beneath the jacket snug and finish it with a bow at the neck. In women’s designer clothes, the tuxedo has returned with this feminine-masculine mixed look in spring 2012.

Men’s Designer Clothes

Designer clothes for men in spring/summer 2012 are quite interesting and diverse. Pants that remind you of bright shades or leggings are difficult to find in the spring/summer 2012 men’s designer clothes collection. Apparently, designer clothes for men have migrated to masculinity once again. Men’s designer clothes in spring/summer 2012 are very fascinating. Hues in designer clothes for men are not restricted to traditional men’s colors and are rather expanded to daring and bold blues and oranges. White and camel seem to be the best players. In trendy prints, there is a lot of variety, but stripes and plaid are among the most favored ones.

White Shirts

Men’s designer clothes for spring/summer are incomplete without white shirts. A white shirt is an elegant yet versatile item apart from being very casual depending on how you want to don it. Tuck it in a trouser with a suiting jacket and classy shoes and you are all set for a work meeting. Tuck one side in like David Beckham or wear it loose, team it with jeans and you’ll look hip and stylish.

Oversized Pants

Oversized pants continue to be the ‘in’ thing in spring 2012 men’s designer clothes, but they are famous among women as well. For hotter weather, sport shorts that can be worn with a tee or a suit jacket, with or sans suspenders.

Plaid Clothing

Designers such as Gucci have brought in check board, square and tile patterns in men’s designer clothes for spring/summer. Geometrical shapes look good on these ensembles. Needless to say, plaid clothing should be worn paired with a solid shirt and other accessories.

The Blue Colors

Blue shades are abundant in men’s designer clothes for spring/summer this season. The prevalence of blue is shared by turquoise, navy, indigo and cyan. These forms of silhouettes can be seen in any kind of clothing, be it trousers to jackets or shirts to shoes. You can settle on bold blue shades in designer clothes that clear the complete ensemble. You may also team it up with related shades, which makes the whole costume more fashionable and appealing.

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