Designer Vests – The Next Big Thing In The Fashion World

18 Sep, 2012

Marlon Brando sported it with élan, Barack Obama is more often seen sporting one, Bruce Willis became a diehard fan of this outfit and David Beckham designed it a few months ago – fashionistas in the vogue circuit have touted the humble vest as the next big thing. Designer vests are not being favored just to shield from the winter chills but also because of their soaring panache quotient.

Designer vests such as D&G and Dsquared have witnessed a massive response in their sales over the past couple years. Fashion pundits forebode that the notoriously labeled difficult-to-flaunt-with-elegance outfit is going to be a favorite pick among the fashion aficionados across the globe.


Latest Trends

The vest has made a way for it to become hip with retro granddad styles worn underneath the clothes and so much as a top as well. Women have also begun grabbing stylish vests for themselves and vests are gradually becoming a bandwagon among the teens and 40 year olds alike.

Vests are getting an enormous fashion following with countless magazine photo shoots that revolve around vests. A few months ago, Vogue did a women’s photo shoot with designer vests as the main outfit.

Designers D&G, after the launch in 1985, has risen to the position of the most acclaimed designers of mens vests. Men with a penchant for classic vests prefer adding a D&G vest to their robe. Besides bold colors, V-neck vests in light shades have become must-haves this year.

The vest has established itself as a big trend this season. One can don a vest for casual as well as formal look. A vest with a right fit, the one that lets you button it up comfortably, makes a fashion statement on the classic side.


A Few Tips

You can get yourself an effortlessly cool look by wearing a simple patterned vest.  Solid wool vests are to stay in the fashion world and can be worn fashionably with patterned short-sleeve or solid colored shirts. Button up vests made out of cotton or denim make an old-fashioned vest look trendy. You have the liberty to wear these with buttons fastened or open based upon the weather or your discretion.


Sneak a matching tie in and your vest will impart a sophisticated look to your persona. Jeans, long pants or slacks complement the best with the vest.


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