Different Ways Of Sporting Graphic T-Shirts For A Trendier Appearance

15 May, 2013

Graphics have taken the world by storm. Thanks to advancements in technology, one can witness amazing visuals in movies or read graphic novels too. Graphics have now established themselves in the field of clothing as well, with illustrative t-shirts.

Such tees typically have a pictorial design printed on the front or at times on the sleeves, side or back. The visuals could range from football or basketball team logos, random art, music bands or naughty phrases, etc. Graphic t-shirts are a huge hit among guys. However, most of them just team it with a basic pair of jeans, which can get boring. Try a different appearance with these tips:


Dress Down for a Laid-Back Look

If you are heading to the gymnasium or simply spending the day at home you could wear a simple pictorial tee with your tracks or sweat pants. Pick a Dolce&Gabbana cotton t-shirt. Offered in white, this round neck tee is extremely comfortable and features the phrase ‘Columbia No.1’ at the centre. You could even wear it with trendy bermuda or cargo shorts, just in case you wish to go for a spin.

Dolce & Gabbana T-Shirt

Layer your Tee During Winter

When it’s cold outside, you could wear a button-down long-sleeve striped shirt over your graphic t-shirt. Zip down hoodies look quite fashionable during wintertime and also provide warmth. Wear a red Dsquared tee, having an illustration of a rabbit underneath a white or black hoodie with stylish boots.

Balmain T-Shirt

Dsquared has an impressive range of such t-shirts. Guys can browse through the collection at online clothing boutiques and obtain this t-shirt for less without compromising on the quality.


Dressing Up for a Crazy Night-Out

Ditch the basic denims and keep the style quotient of your pictorial tee alive with stone-washed or low-rise jeans together with a classy belt. Corduroy or cargo pants look equally great, especially if you want a change from denims. Some designer t-shirt options include:

Iceberg T-Shirt

•    Party-wear graphic t-shirts by Balmain in vibrant hues such as black, dark blue, yellow, etc.
•    Wear a denim jacket over white Dolce&Gabbana t-shirts, which feature quirky abstract designs.

An important tip to remember when you buy t-shirts of this type is to read the care instructions given on the label. Some of them need to be washed inside-out in order to protect the visual from fading.


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