Dressing up for International Music Summit, a Global Music Event

02 Jun, 2014

Ibiza International music summit

The International Music Summit (IMS) is not an ordinary, conventional or boring meet. It is a dance music conference spread over 3 days that takes place every year in May in Ibiza, the mecca of electronic music. The conference was founded by music legend Pete Tong and the first summit was held in 2008. In 2014, it was held from 21st-23rd May. So what exactly transpires at this event?

  • Distinguished as one of the vital music industry gatherings in the world, it is attended by the top personalities of the dance music scene. The event marks the official commencement of the Ibiza party season with 7 days of awesome parties on the island.
  • Some of the previous attendees include David Guetta, Tom Middleton, Nile Rodgers, DJ Luciano, etc.
  • IMS gives a platform to new artists, labels, brands and managers to launch their music; and announce and talk about new initiatives related to the music arena.
  • In addition, there are keynote interviews, speeches and one-on-one conversations, which all take place at the IMS!

Perfect Attire for International music summits

Ibiza Ims dress code

Conferences such as the IMS may be of a non-formal nature but it is important to dress fittingly for such events. If you are going for the meet as a delegate, you can’t afford to wear shorts and flashy t-shirts. Men should stick to smart collared t-shirts and pair them with jeans, cargos or chinos. Polo tees are offered by brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, and Burberry in a range of hues. You can also try linen shirts with corduroys and a casual belt.

Women representing their firm could opt for chic dresses or skirts which reach up to the knee. Casual pants from Dsquared are another trendy option which would look best with informal blouses or shirts.

For the party people, there is absolutely no dress code. In May, expect the weather in Ibiza to be warm and sunny. So you can flaunt stylish beach wear. However, make sure you carry sunblock for daytime parties!

Wardrobe Blunders During Events You Should Avoid

Many individuals wear formal attire, thinking it’s a conference, which is a big mistake. The key is to be dressed casually but not look over the top. Office trousers and blazers, oxford shoes and even ties are a no-no unless you want people to notice you and talk about your incorrect ensemble!

The IMS is a superb gathering for dance music enthusiasts globally. Don’t fret about your outfit, be casual and look your best.


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