Fall 2012 Fashion – Haute Men’s Designer Suit Trends This Fall

25 Oct, 2012

You guys must be excited to check out the new Fall 2012 trends, for one of the key elements of mens designer clothes are designer suits. As men’s formal-wear and suiting trends aren’t usually seasonal and continue for a few years, fall 2012 re-welcomes the reign of two elements that any mens designer suit you purchase should have. Classicism and masculinity are these must-have parameters. So going by the cardinal rule to have masculinity and classicism, the technical aspects you should be looking for are simply the ones discussed below.

Cerruti Suit

Suit-cuts: In-fashion Styles and Designs

The suit cut you are going to sport should reflect masculinity through three vital silhouette factors such as broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers.
Keeping these features in mind, let’s explore the actual cuts that are haute this fall.

Single Breasted Suits

Single-breasted suits have always been dominant and in-trend cuts and they persist this fall too. Sleek cut and confidence cut are dominating designs in single-breasted suits this season. Sleek cut suits give people who wear the suit a bit of a toned down grace and manner. Though not casual, they look impeccable with an appeal of masculinity.  So if you want a sleek, single-breasted suit to be a part of your wardrobe, you should look for:

•    A breast pocket for accommodating a pocket square
•    Upper button positioned around the navel
•    A shawl or slim/medium sized notched lapels

The confidence cut is all about exuding a man’s physique. If you’re in favor of confidence cut, you should be looking for peaked lapels instead of slim or medium notched lapels.

Double Breasted Suits

Trends in men’s designer clothes change comparatively slower as compared to those in women’s designer clothes and this is the reason for double breasted suits to have been ‘in’ for years now. The only change is that the inevitable boxy cut is gone now. Double-breasted designer suits are now designed to elevate the ideal masculine shape, a V-shaped, well-built body.

You may find little variations in the cuts of double-breasted suits and these may baffle you. So what should you be after? A cut that slims the waist and enlarges the shoulders! Grab those with:

•    Peaked lapels
•    Breast pocket cut to fit in a pocket handkerchief

You may also want to take a look at a cut with a long lapel line that extends onto the waist, a design better known as the Kent cut, named after Prince George.

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