How Plus Size Individuals Can Be Stylishly Clad For The Beach

12 Aug, 2014

Dressing up for the beach can be no less than a nightmare for plus size individuals. But instead of hibernating and not enjoying the beautiful summer lying on the sand, even people who are on the heavier side can look stylish by picking clothes which flaunt their assets and at the same time hide problem areas.

Swimwear for Women

plus size beachwear for women

Girls who are top-heavy can minimize their breasts by trying halter designs which offer underwire support. You can also go for wide straps in bikini tops that give full coverage. Attractive prints on black or summery bright colours will look great. Disguise a big derriere with skirted bottoms. Never pick skimpy fits unless you want your butt to protrude. Make sure the bottoms give ample coverage. Surf shorts teamed with a chic top is another trendy option for plus size people. Got embarrassing love handles? Camouflage them with tops that have a ruche design and small prints so that your middle looks visually sculpted. Wrap swimsuits give a flattering appearance and hide the excess pounds.

What should Guys Wear at Beach?

 beachwear for fat mens

Men who are tall and have a broad build should opt for swimming shorts that are slightly longer as they will offset a large frame. Solid shades are generally recommended by stylists. Big prints will highlight the body part you want to play down. If you are not sure about the perfect length, pick shorts that end just about at the knee.
Guys who want to flaunt their wash-board abs can wear low-waisted trunks but if you have some extra flab around the waist, it’s best to wear one that reaches till the navel.

Fashion accessories to enhance your ensemble on Beach

No person can hit the beach without a pair of sunglasses and a hat no matter what their body frame is. However, make certain that it complements your silhouette. Girls can wear a broad belt over the swimsuit to cinch the waistline. Oversized bags serve various purposes. They are ideal for women who have a wide frame, as they look hip and incorporate all your beach essentials.
People falling under the plus size category pay attention to their outfits while choosing garments for formal or casual purposes. Similarly, they should select beachwear with the same concentration. There’s no dearth of styles available. To conclude, be cheerful, confident and have fun in the water. Nobody will notice your flaws as they will be too busy admiring your style!

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