How To Select The Perfect Dress That Flatters Your Body Shape

14 Feb, 2013

Most of the female brigade goes through the experience! You save for months on end in order to acquire that gorgeous Just Cavalli grey peplum dress and just when you are trying it on, all of a sudden you realize, it’s not meant for your figure. The key to avoiding such dejections is learning about different body shapes and the sort of dresses that will flatter them best. Read these simple tips that will surely help you take a well-informed decision.



Women who have a pear-shaped body typically have fuller hips and thighs. The ideal dress for such females would be one with an A-line skirt that is not voluminous. Opt for dresses that are not too short; an inch or two above the knees looks great. You could even add stylish accessories to your outfit such as a brooch, a funky beaded necklace, etc.



Just because you are little overweight, that doesn’t mean that you wear baggy dresses that in fact make you appear even bigger. A valuable tip for plus-sized ladies when they go shopping for designer dresses is to opt for fabrics which don’t cling to the body. Choose a dress that drapes beautifully. Wrap dresses for example flatter this body type. Be open to experimenting with various hues and prints.



A broad waist is generally a problem area for girls who have an apple-shaped figure. Pick a dress that makes the torso look longer and diverts attention from the waist. Fashion stylists recommend an empire cut dress that gives definition to your waist-line. Thick belts are a complete no-no. Instead, wear a sash or chain belt that hangs low on the hips.

Lean or Petite


Knit or sweater dresses are perfect alternatives for thin females. Layer your dress with a fitted jacket or cardigan to add some volume. Girls who have extremely thin legs should stay away from very short dresses and opt for longer, flowing ones instead.

You don’t need to stop wearing dresses just because you feel they don’t look good on you. Instead, you should find a dress that not only downplays the problem areas of your body but also accentuates the positives.

Moreover, as far as savings are concerned, you can avail of great bargains if you buy designer clothing online through web-based boutiques.

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