Look Different with these Trendy, Unconventional Denim Styles

11 Sep, 2013

If you thought owning a pair of basic blue or black jeans completes your wardrobe then you are quite wrong especially if you are a girl who gets bored of wearing the same denim. They are certainly a must-have but there are other unique designs which look absolutely chic and set you apart from the rest. Take a look at these exclusive options:

Military Jeans from Balmain


Balmain Jeans Military Look

Cargo pants, caps, t-shirts etc. are commonly available in the military look but French label Balmain has created jeans in this style. Manufactured from cotton, it is a slim-fit featuring two stylish pockets at the back. Balmain lets fashionistas obtain these designer jeans online by means of its web-based store. Team a yellow, pink or other soft coloured t-shirt with this denim.

Dsquared Trinkets Denims


Dsquared Jeans Blue

The popularity of Dsquared both as a youth brand and fashionable denim maker is not unknown. Each pair is in line with the current fads, fits like a dream and lasts for years. The combination of blue jeans and white shirt will never fade. Dsquared offers blue denim with a fancy twist. It has colourful trinkets tied neatly around the front pockets making the garment perfect for a party.

Unconventional range by Karl Lagerfeld

Known globally for his signature white tresses, black eyeglasses and high collars, this German stylist based in Paris is equally popular for his avant-garde clothes which are donned by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton and Kylie Minogue etc. When it comes to exceptional denims you can pick from:


Karl Lagerfeld Jeans Grey

  • Jeans with self-print all over in addition to zip detailing at the front and above the rear pockets are novel. Available in grey and blue, they will flatter most body shapes and look best when worn with chic black stilettoes.
  • Black cotton jeans with a long silver-toned chain that can be strapped on one side. It makes a cool style statement.


Just Cavalli goes Black n White

Just Cavalli Jeans Black Blue

Prints are not reserved for skirts or leggings anymore. Distinguished brand Just Cavalli has made use of funky motifs in their latest denim collection. The pattern which is a blend of black and white is all over the tight-fitting jeans. Strictly for casual wear, don’t wear them ever at work unless there’s a party happening.

Keep in mind that when you wear jeans which are printed or have accessories sewn on them, it’s best to wear tops or blouses that are not too flashy to balance the outfit.

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  1. Lisa
    September 11, 2013

    These kinds of patterned or embellished denims were a big hit when I was in college 2-3 decades ago and now they are back in vogue. In fact, the range presented now-a-days is extremely vast owing to the plethora of brands making them.

  2. Kate the cutie
    September 11, 2013

    I recently bought a pair of denims featuring a geometric print which is normally found on dresses. The pattern looks equally amazing on jeans and moreover gives me a break from the standard blue ones.

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