Practical Yet Trendy Bags For The Urban Male Professional

16 Jan, 2013

Accessories for men don’t end at belts and watches. Gone are the days when only females were seen carrying bags. Now there exist fashionable bags for guys too, which fit their dressing style and way of life. Consider these bag options which score high on style as well as functionality and are specially tailored for the metropolitan working male:

Leather Piquadro Bag in Red

1. Messenger Bag:

If you spend a considerable amount of time in office, then a messenger bag designed on formal lines is a must. They are neither very large nor small in size, yet offer ample space to fit in all stuff that you require to carry to work.

Opt for a classic black messenger bag by Italian label Ferre. Made from nylon and leather, this flap-style bag has 3 compartments and 2 push button clasps. Carry it in your hand with the short handle provided, or use the detachable shoulder strap to place it on your shoulder.

Black Ferre Bag in Nylon & Leather

2. Laptop Case:

All of us know the indispensable need of carrying a laptop to work. That makes it all the more significant to own a useful laptop bag and it doesn’t necessarily have to be ordinary looking. Take a glance at such cases designed by Italian fashion house Piquadro, which specializes in leather goods.

A black leather laptop bag from Piquadro places focus on functionality in the form of zips and compartments. It has 3 compartments inside which can easily accommodate your laptop together with any important files or any other gadgets. Men can browse through web-based fashion stores that stock premium brands such as Piquadro and buy bags online at reduced rates.

Leather Piquadro Bag in Black

3. Larger Bags for the Traveling Professionals:

For men who are constantly on the move, larger handbags are a necessity. Choose a bag big enough to fit an extra pair of clothes in case you are staying overnight after a meeting outside your city. A leather bag from Dolce & Gabbana will be apt for traveling purposes. This wide bag offered in black has a zip at the front and no partitions inside, hence providing plenty of storage.

Black Dolce & Gabbana Bag in Leather

Now men don’t have to struggle to adjust all their belongings in a boring plastic sack. Take your pick from the various options listed and buy handbags of your choice, which are not just masculine but also extremely trendy.

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