Tips to Dress and Appear like a Princess on Prom Night!

26 Apr, 2014

‘I want to look the best and beat the rest’ (that rhymed quite well!). This is the thought in every girl’s mind once the date for Prom Night is announced! Contrary to what girls think, dressing up for this prestigious event is not that difficult. Right from dresses that are ideal for your body shape, colours that will suit you, and gorgeous make-up, in addition to some vital tips, we have it all sorted for you.

Women Prom Dress

Choosing a Dress as per your Body Shape

  • For women who are slender, it’s important to create an illusion of curves, which can be best achieved by picking dresses that flare out or those which accentuate your bust line. You can also flaunt your waist by wearing a wrap dress.
  • If you are pear-shaped, opt for outfits with a fitted top and A-line skirt. Girls can try fitted dresses too, if they have a slightly large but toned derriere.
  • Petite ladies can afford to show some leg by donning outfits with an asymmetrical hemline. A long close-fitting dress will add height but never select floor length gowns as they might overpower your frame.
  • Girls with an hour-glass figure are the luckiest! No body area to disguise or specific part to highlight. You can practically pull off any dress with élan and look fabulous.
  • Girls with an apple-shaped body can go for empire waist dresses since this pattern will divert attention from the centre and moreover, hide the bulge you don’t wish to expose.

    People who want to learn more about choosing designer dresses as per your body type, with some trendy suggestions! We would suggest you to read the article by Owen Love.

Let’s Talk about Hues

The dress is perfect but if the colour is wrong, all the money spent is down the drain. Select a colour that compliments your skin tone the best.

  • Girls with dark skin tone should obviously refrain from brown, black and grey. Warm shades such as light or royal purple, soft yellow, poppy pink, lighter shades of orange, red etc. are ideal choices.
  • Rich, deep colours like emerald green, bright pink, deep navy blue or sapphire blue will beautifully flatter medium skin and highlight its warmth.
  • Ladies who are fair-skinned love light pastels but this palette is quite conventional. Try other shades such as olive green, pinkish-brown, ivory, champagne or coral blue.

3 Simple Guidelines

  1. Try different hair-styles 2-3 days before the prom night to understand which one looks the best and accordingly you can select your jewellery.
  2. Bad make-up can spoil the face. Never go overboard with cosmetics if you are unsure about the outcome. Stick to basic make-up or go for the nude look. Ask your skin-specialist about face packs that can impart a lovely glow.
  3. Lastly, stay calm! Thinking too much about how you’ll dress up will affect your mind and it’ll show on your face.

Take note of this advice while prepping for the prom night so that you make no mistake, but make your appearance looking no less than a princess!

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