Want To Dress Up Like Michael Jackson? Here Are Some Easy Ways!

18 Oct, 2013

Even though it’s been 4 long years since Michael Jackson’s had left us, but his legacy of music still lives on. Whether it’s ‘Billie Jean’ or ‘Beat It’, his songs are unforgettable and continue to inspire music lovers.

MJ - The Legend - Michael Jackson - 1958 -2009

Apart from being a musical legend, the ‘King of Pop’ had his own unique fashion style. From the single glove to the glitzy jackets, Michael Jackson surprised us each time with his choice of apparel. We select some of his best clothes, accessories and moreover, provide you with similar options available at our luxury retail boutique, LuxeButik:

The 1980s Look

Michael was at a complete high in his career in the 1980s especially after the release of his music album ‘Thriller’ which broke all records. He represented the ideal of the stylish pop star image with his long curls, and black-and-white ensemble which comprised crisp white shirts, black tapered leather pants, black loafers and white ankle socks.

The single-hand glove and flashy accessories turned the outfit into a perfect dancer’s costume. Men can get this black-and-white look too:

  • Opt for a white cotton shirt by Frankie Morello and always remember to roll up the sleeves for a casual look.
  • Next are Balmain leather pants in black which have ribbed knees and a narrowing silhouette.
  • Some accessories that would liven up this look include double wrap leather bracelet, silver box chain etc.
  • Wear a pair of Dolce&Gabbana black loafer shoes over white socks and you are ready to do the moonwalk!

Leather Jacket

Think of the song ‘Thriller’ and you get a mental picture of Michael Jackson grooving to the super-hit track in a funky red embellished jacket and coloured pants. Red might seem to be a showy colour for some but you can certainly choose a black leather jacket. Just Cavalli, a prestigious brand of designer clothes offers a hip jacket with zip detailing on the front.

Fedora Hat

Although the singer flaunted a lot of bling in the form of sequined jackets and gold embellishments, when it came to hats, Michael Jackson always donned a classic black fedora hat in concerts and music videos. Guys can flaunt a Dsquared fedora hat just like the singer. There is a black band at the base of this cotton hat. Wear it at a concert, birthday bash or even a Salsa dance class!

Log on to LuxeButik and take your pick to dress up exactly like the ‘King of Pop’.

Image Source: Fanpop.com, Coshage.com

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