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16 May, 2014

It’s rare to spot a celebrity wearing old-fashioned shades. Celebs are always one step ahead when it comes to sunglasses and there’s a reason for it. The perfect pair not only gets your look together but also lets you go undercover. Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Katy Perry are some of the female fashion gurus that never disappoint.

Here’s a peep into the various sunglasses worn by your favourite ladies

Aviator Sunglasses Brigade

Celeb in Aviator Sunglasses

Apart from men, this classic style is a big hit among women too. Katie Holmes, and Jennifer Aniston are often seen in Ray-Ban aviators. Heidi Klum stepped out for shopping in smart mirrored sunglasses. They are sexy in an unpretentious way and no matter what you wear; aviators certainly add a dash of glamour to your outfit.

Aviators look fabulous on heart-shaped and square faces. If you have a round face, just look for a pair which has straighter edges.

Wayfarer Sunglasses Lovers

celebs wearing wayfarer sunglasses

Rihanna is perhaps the biggest fan of Wayfarers with Ray-Ban being her preferred brand. Kate Upton is another star who wears summer outfits with classic Wayfarers. Jessica Alba was seen in Italia Independent teal shades during summertime in Los Angeles.

These types of sunglasses are offered in different shapes and hence look good on most face contours. No wonder they are so popular among the ladies in the glamour industry. Emporio Armani, Fendi and La Martina are some of the renowned labels with an excellent collection of Wayfarers.

Admirers of Oversized Sunglasses Shades

women oversized sunglasses

Big is better for some fashionable personalities in terms of sunglasses. Australian model Miranda Kerr teamed Miu Miu oversized star shades with casual attire on a stroll with her baby in tow. American sensation Beyoncé likes protecting her eyes from the sun with Linda Farrow round sunglasses.

Sunglasses worn by Victoria Beckham are undeniably ‘posh’ and her list of brands includes Dior, Marc Jacobs, etc. Whether these hot babes are out for some shopping, hitting the beach or attending an event, sunglasses only enhance their sex appeal. Besides being extremely trendy, oversized sunglasses have a great advantage. They are capable of hiding tired eyes especially when you are too bored to apply under-eye make-up.

So what’s your style, Jennifer a.k.a. Rachel’s timeless Aviators or RiRi’s all-time favourite Wayfarers? Take your pick and don’t worry about the high prices. You can grab these amazing women designer sunglasses for less at our online store and flaunt them just like your favourite celeb.

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