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Wearing a designer bikini will make you stand out in a crowd. Designer swimwear is getting more popular day by day and is preferred by women of all age groups. There are designer bikinis available for beachwear as well as pool side lounging. Today, designer swimwear is available in a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics. It is available in bold colors like black or red, floral prints and animal prints. It is available in a variety of styles too. Designers create new and exquisite collections combining sleek looks and comfortable fabrics. Some of the common styles include:

Classic Bikini

This is the most common type of bikini and is a simple concoction of a standard two-piece including a simple slip-on bottom and a bra. It is the least revealing bikini.

String Bikini

A string bikini is more revealing as compared to the classic bikini. It has two triangles of fabric, one in the front and one at the back. This bikini gets its name from the strings on the sides which attach it, making it easy to remove.

Thong Bikini

Sometimes called a large piece of dental floss, a thong bikini is a 2 piece suit which includes a standard top and thong bottom. The thong has a triangle shaped piece of fabric in the front and thin fabric at the back that goes between the butt cheeks.

Tankini Bikini

A Tankini is a sexy combination of a tank top and bikini bottom. Most of them are made of Lycra-and-nylon or spandex-and-cotton, and have thin spaghetti straps.

Boy Short Bikini

A popular style, the boy short bikini combines the awesomeness of a bikini with the comfort of boy shorts.

Designer bikinis are not just for the rich and famous. If you are a stylish and fashion conscious beach babe and want to look sexy and glamorous on the beach or by the pool, check out the range of designer bikinis at LuxeButik. Here you'll come across stylish designer bikinis from top brands like Burberry and Fendi. LuxeButik offers high quality designer bikinis at unmatched prices and makes designer wear available to all. So get ready to feel sexy and glamorous, and make a style statement at the beach!

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