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Designer Fliege for Men

Men have worn Fliege or bow ties for centuries. Traditionally, they have been thought to be the preserve of certain professions and any attempt to wear one was often associated with an attempt to draw attention. However, after spending several years in the wilderness, there's been a revival of the Fliege as a genuine fashion accessory.

The Fliege is no longer associated only with formal attire, and is now worn without a jacket, even worn with casual shirts and jeans, giving a more casual and fashionable look. Fashion savvy men are wearing this butterfly shaped Fliege at weddings, black and white events, proms and other formal occasions.

The Fliege has become cooler than ever as its use is no longer limited to formal occasions only. It's not only the grown-ups who are enjoying the resurgence of the Fliege. Even teenagers and younger men are starting to appreciate it as well. This fashionable men's accessory is available in a variety of fabrics, including silk, cotton, velvet, polyester and even wool. It is available in different widths and an array of colors and patterns.

Available Styles

There are three different styles from which you can choose. These include:


In case you tie your own bow, this style is the option for you.


With this, the bow is already created and attached to an adjustable strap based upon the neck size you opt for. A discreetly placed hook and eye closure behind the bow helps secure the strap around the collar and keeps the bow in place.


With this, the bow is created and attached to two sturdy clips at the back. All you have to do is attach the clips to your collar.

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