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Luxury Designer iPhone Case

It's been 7 years since the first iPhone was launched. In this period, the popularity of this Apple smartphone has reached unbelievable heights. Possessing the latest iPhone is no less than a status symbol owing to its sleek look, functionality, awesome apps and of course the premium price it commands.

You certainly don't wish to see blemishes on your expensive gadget. So, instead of banning everybody from using it, get a smart cover for your iPhone. It'll prevent ugly fingerprints and scratches. Moreover, your smartphone will always look brand new.

When it comes to Apple, nobody can settle for an ordinary case. Your iPhone deserves a classy designer cover. Have a look at the following options offered at LuxeButik.

Burberry tartan pattern covers

Need we say more? Slide your Apple phone into the Burberry case crafted from a blend of leather and cotton featuring the iconic chequered design. This cover is suitable for 4, 4S, 5 and 5S makes. If you want to give a gift to a girl who has recently bought an iPhone, then look no further and go for this accessory.

Gucci leather cases

Every product of Gucci radiates style, including their extremely stylish iPhone covers made from leather. These cases are offered in several designs in shades like black and blue. The iconic Gucci logo design is printed all over the cover allowing you to flaunt your designer accessory in addition to the Apple gadget. The case is perfect for iPhone 3 and 4 users.

One concern for leather covers is that they attract dirt. Grease or stains inside your jeans pocket will be immediately visible on the phone. The best cleaning method is to make use of a good leather conditioner or cleaner on the outside. Application will only take 1-2 minutes and turn your case sparkling new again.

Get one of these premium covers today to protect your iPhone. All you have to do is select a case as per the model so that it fits perfectly.

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