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Designer Long Sleeve Tops

It is a fashion myth that long-sleeved tops or blouses can only be worn in winter, or beneath coats to stay warm when it gets really chilly. Girls can wear these clothes in other seasons too, provided they choose the right fabric and, of course, a suitable brand which offers comfort, style and serves the objective.

LuxeButik has listed some of the best labels that are experts at creating different kinds of long-sleeved tops:


It's been more than a century since Burberry was founded. This British label which finds its place among the 100 most valuable brands in the world is not just renowned for its fantastic trench coats. It has a stylish range of long-sleeved woven shirts with the popular tartan pattern, and cotton tops perfect for summer, apart from gorgeous lace blouses which can be donned at work.

Alexander McQueen

Another British label which is a superb blend of British tailoring and dramatic clothes, Alexander McQueen has an iconic status in the designer clothes industry. When it comes to long-sleeves, expect peplum styled and pretty off-shoulder tops, and asymmetric and geometric patterns in fabrics such as silk, cotton, and chiffon. Of course, every garment created by this brand has a sharp silhouette!


Smart, well-fitted and in line with the latest youth trends; that's how Dsquared can be best described. In their range of long-sleeve garments, you can find denim shirts, bow blouses, trendy t-shirts and cotton shirts in a variety of hues such as black, blue, white, pink and orange.

Dolce & Gabbana

D&G caters to the fashion needs of every woman with their numerous creations which are modern and feature classic Italian styles. In case of long-sleeves; floral and leopard prints, lace and mesh, textured, ruffled etc. are some of the patterns that adorn tops and blouses. Women will love the long-sleeve collection at LuxeButik and won't mind covering their arms in these stunning garments any time of the year!

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