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Luxury Designer Scarf

If you wish to upgrade your wardrobe with a stylish and flaunt-worthy accessory, then a designer scarf will surely do the trick. Often seen on celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, this timeless piece brightens up any ensemble.

Scarves are available in various styles. However, the most popular is the neck scarf which is favoured by women of all age groups. Depending on the fabric, these scarves can be worn around the neck in all seasons, throughout the year. Mentioned below are some common materials employed to make this accessory.


A natural fiber, wool is obtained from animals such as sheep. It keeps you warm during winter and if maintained well, a wool scarf can last for years.

Silk/Satin: Delicate and elegant is how silk or satin scarves can be best described. These are soft, glossy fabrics which are ideal for summer wear. Team a silk or satin scarf with a pretty dress or chic blouse. Cashmere: This luxurious fabric is derived from the Cashmere goat. Light-weight and extremely soft, printed cashmere scarves are highly sought-after and ideal for evening parties.

Premium Scarf Brands

Considering the versatility and immense popularity of the scarf among women, it is no surprise that numerous designer labels have been creating beautiful versions of this accessory. Fendi, Gucci, Galliano etc. are some distinguished fashion houses that produce scarves in different styles, fabrics and colours like cream, red, olive, grey, black and turquoise.

Fendi also offers attractive mini scarfs crafted from soft silk which can be worn as face or hair bands.

At LuxeButik, you can find an array of gorgeous scarves which will instantly add pop to your attire whether it's a coffee date or a fun outing with your friends. Remember, always read the washing & storage instructions given on the label so that your scarf doesn't get spoiled and stays attractive for a long time.

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