Designer Shoes for Less

We often hear fashion-conscious people proclaim that they have an entire rack in their wardrobe reserved exclusively for shoes. That may sound ridiculous to some but the fact is that there indeed exist so many varieties of footwear that a drawer or two is insufficient to store them. We list here the most popular styles preferred by women and men:


No man can step into an important meeting or presentation without these formal shoes made from leather. Black and brown are the common shades men opt for.


Though they are not worn on a daily basis, a sexy pair of stilettos will be found in every girl's shoe closet for occasions such as an important date or a celebratory bash.

Ballet flats

These can best be described as comfort shoes since they place zero strain on your feet and hence are ideal while traveling long distances, or simply for loafing around in your friend's backyard. Ballet flats are available in a wide range of colours, prints and patterns.


A popular example of this kind of footwear is loafers. A favourite among guys, slip-ons don't have any fastening mechanism such as laces or straps.

Platform Heels/Wedges

Women who like wearing heels on a regular basis while going to work or college usually go for this sort of shoes. They are not as high-heeled as stilettos yet look equally chic and complement most ensembles.


These are undoubtedly a favourite among both genders. Whether you have dress boots or casual boots, they have an exceptional look and change your persona completely.

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