Designer Sunglasses

Gone are the days when sunglasses were taken out of a person's drawer purely to combat the harsh daylight and protect the eyes. Today, it's not just a requirement but a desired fashion accessory. Whether it's George Clooney, Salma Hayek or Rihanna, most celebs sport trendy shades whenever they step out.

So which are the sunglasses brands that are currently the hot favourites? We list the top 4:

Dolce & Gabbana

Established in 1985, this label is not only renowned for its avant-garde apparel, but also for accessories such as sunglasses. They are polished to perfection and enhance the persona of the wearer. Although Dolce & Gabbana offers classic designs such as aviators, the shades are distinctive and sophisticated.

Marc Jacobs

If you are looking for unconventional sunglasses, then American designer Marc Jacobs should be your choice. Expect a range which has frames in bright colours such as blue, green etc. Usher, Brad Pitt, etc. are some of the celebs spotted in trendy Marc Jacobs glares.


A world-renowned fashion house, Prada makes use of the finest materials in making shades. It sets a high standard of excellence and flawlessly combines design with performance. Popular Prada styles include Baroque, Wayfarer, Oval etc.


This Italian label is the epitome of luxury. Chic and modern, the sunglasses designed by Gucci are exclusive and admired by many. The collection has distinctive shapes and trendy colours, and Gucci's elegant, iconic styling is reflected in each pair.

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